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Born and raised in Yorkshire, England, Denice moved to Florence, Italy at 18, returned to England at 27 and emigrated to New Zealand at 35. Denice has a Degree in Counselling, a Degree in Economics and Business Studies and a Masters in Management. and while mostly self-taught as an artist Denice studied illustration through Massey University. Denice comes from a from a family of artists. Throughout the many changes in Denice's life art has been a constant. As a counsellor with a small private practice, work life balance and self-care is an important consideration for Denice.


ARTIST - I work with acrylics, ink, resin, glass and other mixed media to explore my creativity and relationship with my inner and outer world. I also work with recycled and dichroic glass to create jewellery. Working with a variety of media has broadened my scope as an artist not only in terms of variety but also in my approach to creativity. Using glass to create jewellery has given me the confidence to let go of expectations of the end result and focus instead on the process of creating. Letting go of the end result allows me to interact more fully with the media I use whether it be glass or paint or mixed media. I have become more flexible and go with the flow of where the process takes me. Art is important to me in that it keeps me grounded and balanced and gives me an outlet to express my creativity.

COUNSELLOR - I completed my Degree in Counselling through Bethlethem Tertiary Institute in 2013, graduating in 2014. I have a small private practice working with people from all walks of life and all ages, supporting them towards, mental, emotional, relational, physical and spiritual well-being. Self-care and the use of the whiteboard are important elements in my practice. While I use a variety of modalities in my work (including CBT, Narrative, IDT, Mindfulness, TA, Art Therapy and Heart/Brain Coherence, and strength-based practice) I learned through my training that upto 70% of the success of counselling comes from the relationship between the counsellor and the client. For this reason I offer a free initial consultation to all prospective client to give each of us an opportunity to assess whether or not we are a good fit.

EDUCATOR - After moving to New Zealand I spent the first 15 years in tertiary education and adult training, before retraining to become a counsellor. I am interested in facilitating clients' self-empowerment through education and personal growth.


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